Individual Medium post #1

From both Goffe and Gilmore’s ideas, soundtracks/sounds were extremely crucial towards the communication within different groups in Jamaica. In the past, the relationship within different groups in Jamaica was greatly restricted/limited under the idea of racial capitalism. But the sound system had helped the people to break out from such a cage.

Capitalism had played a crucial role in this for it was generally applied upon the Jamaican society. Without it, people (Chinese and African) would never had a chance to form their new type of relationship. More importantly, the sound system itself was also somehow a product of capitalism (this relates back to the whole technology revolutionary thing, not going to talk about it specifically here). Being two entirely different groups of people, Chinese and African Jamaicans were never supposed to be closely related. But the appearance of the sound system had opened a door for their friendship. The “Chiney shop” was a great example of it, where people from different races were able to share same emotions as well as spirits. From there, they had found more common things upon themselves: most of them were the working class (despite that many Chinese were actually richer, as the so-called Middle class), the labor forces. This somehow connected them even closer. Even though they were still separated as two different races, they were bonded both spiritually and physically. And the idea of extra-coloniality is demonstrated through this.

The situation in Honolulu’s Chinatown was similar, but also different. The idea of racism was as well a common phenomenon there, but the bond between different people seemed to be weaker. The locals and the Chinese did not have a chance (or environment) to be connected together as a whole, very unlike the later Chinese-Afro Jamaican society formation. Thus, racial problems were much more practical and obvious in Honolulu than later in Jamaica.

Throughout both stories, the ideas and concerns of racism and capitalism are clearly shown. They are, in some ways, supported by each other. However, they might result in the occurrence of some unexpected unification (such as the relationship between the Chinese and Afro Jamaicans). Generally, it is very fun and exciting to be thinking about something like this.